Shoot the Calendar Girl Seminar, March 5th, 2016

Are you curious how the pro’s shoot? Do you wonder why your images don’t quite look like theirs? John Fisher’s latest seminar reveals secrets of how he shoots his widely published calendar images. You too, can learn to shoot the Calendar Girl.

His Calendar Girl images may look magical, but once you understand the techniques, you will realize that a few simple rules are all you need to create images that are just as magical.

You may not have heard the name John Fisher, but you may very well have seen his work. His “Beach Babes” swimsuit calendar is one of the best selling calendars in the US. His photos have appeared in international magazines including Cosmopolitan and Elle, various swimsuit catalogs, and more. John’s been a leading fashion photographer for over 30 years.

John has put together a seminar to teach you his secrets. During this seminar you will learn how you can create these photos in the real world. Learn what camera settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) work best and why. Learn the big difference that a small change in camera position can make.

John is a practical photographer. He isn’t a “gear hog”. He doesn’t use as much gear as possible, he uses only the gear he needs. Using John's methods you don't need a crew and a truckload of gear. Learn the few items that you absolutely must have, those items that are nice to have, and what you are better off leaving home.

According to the editor of one of the largest calendar publishing companies, there are a lot of photographers that can take good photos. However, there are only a few photographers who create images that stand out enough to catch your eye and are worth publishing. John Fisher is one of those elite photographers.

We can’t guarantee that Vogue will publish your images, but we do promise that this seminar will teach you the skills to make you a better swimsuit photographer. Whether photography is your passion or your profession, you will learn John’s techniques for better photography.

The first seminar will held Saturday, March 5th, 2016, in Miami, Florida at Little River Studios

Registration starts at 8am, and the seminar begins promptly at 9am. These are hands-on seminars, bring your camera and a speedlight. We have multiple opportunities where we break into small groups so you can practice your new skills under the watchful eye of John Fisher and his associates.

The cost of this full day seminar is only $495 (or to $395 those that sign up before January 31st, 2016). Unfortunately participation is limited to the first 25 photographers who sign up so that maximum attention can be given to each participant. So register now for this outstanding opportunity to raise the level of your game, registration is open immediately!